Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Holiday Wedding!

We had a wedding to go to on August 31~
Mark and Pam's daughter Brittany was marrying her true love Derrick!

So I needed a haircut...
Just a trim really.  Love the way Nicole cuts my hair 
at Studio 6a!

I got a cute dress~
And we were off!  The wedding took place in the
Old Stone Church on public square~
Brittany looked beautiful!
Her Mom, Pam, looked just as radiant, so happy for her daughter!
Her Dad, Mark, was overcome with emotion and so proud of his girl!
I did not have my camera but did get some shots on my phone!
The Bride and her Groom~
So fun hearing about their future plans!
We rekindled a friendship with some old friends!
Tim and Dave looking handsome as ever!

I really enjoyed reconnecting with Judy~
How did we ever stop hanging out together?
How did we ever get so busy?
Pam, Judy and I have vowed to get together again soon~
Judy and I ~

Making some calls next week for a girls night!!

Congrats to Pam and Mark, for raising a beautiful, sweet daughter!
Congratulations to Brittany and Derrick~
We wish you the best~