Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sarah and Molly have not been over for a couple of days, (very snowy days), so when they got together with Cayden today they were so surprised to see him walking by himself. Cayden is always so excited to see his cousins! He wants to just keep hugging Molly, who is not much taller him, and he just loves to scream.... SARAH! Cayden plays well all by himself but...
He really loves to play with Sarah!
Molly was napping and missed all the fun with balls! Sarah had this to say today...

SARAH: Mem, I think I am a better babysister.

MEME: What? What do you mean- better babysister, better than what?

SARAH: A better babysister than you Mem, that's what I mean.

Who knew?

Here's something I knew... go here and you will know too!