Saturday, November 30, 2013

We Never saw them again?

I saw this in a store at St Armand's
they drove south one winter until they could stand outside
with no coats on & we never saw them again

I tease my kids that Dad and I just might do this~
(We really, really, might!  We would be seen again tho~ like
all summer long)

Dave drove to Florida, stopping to see clients on the way~
I flew to Florida 2 weeks later on Halloween day!

I was happy to be reunited with this guy!

We drove up to Fort Myers to see Ryan and Laurie~ It was so
fun to see their kids and to meet Ryan's parents.

We miss this little family since their move to Chicago!

I taught Kai and Kalieha to make drip castles!

We had a  beautiful day together in the sun
then watched it set and had dinner together!

Some things never change...
We still all had a great time together as if we were never apart!

We hope to visit Chicago soon~

I love getting mail while in Florida!
I was there for the Month of November so it was
exciting to find these Treasures in my mailbox~
First Cayden's mail.
He tells Meme and Papa that he loves us!

A week later, this one came!
Mya did a drawing for Papa~
She told her Mommy what it was and even said,
"You see it, RIGHT PAPA?"

They are both getting so big!
I love snail mail!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving to all my LOVES~

You all know who you are!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


It all started for me when Kelley told me to get the app called BITSTRIPS!

My friends Suzy and Melissa turned me onto to THE WALKING DEAD
just a few weeks ago.  I watched the first episode from Season 1 and I was 
hooked... and I don't even like ZOMBIES!
When I asked Tegan if he watched it he said
"Mother, its 2013... Where have you been?"
I sat and watched every season~ then saw the BITSTRIP above!!

Then Bri made herself an aviator 
and punked me!

Kelley got me too...
We love those spooky movies, her and I~
I love popcorn too!

Kelley got Tegan~

Tegan got Kelley~

Kelley mentions Dave!

Bri has a little fun with it!

But the real stuff happened between Tegan and Bri~

Look out!

Take that!

Oh it's on NOW!

Tegan fights back!

There's is way too much fun going on over Facebook
these days!

Monday, November 11, 2013

But Tonight, You Belong To Me....

Be still my heart~

Here and There~

My littlest GEM in Colorado
was CinderLayla for Halloween!

Layla with her Mommy, Kelley~

Getting ready~

Beautiful Princess~

Layla with her Papa, Tegan~

I hear someone likes to hid out with Layla in the cupboard~
Sweet Bo~

Mya Brynn loves her baby but cannot sleep with her.
Why, you ask?
Mya will answer...
"She's kinda hard in the face!"

I got mail~ so sweet~
From Cayden!

In Breckenridge, Danny and Tegan spent a few days together.
Doing what they do best~
Can you believe this is happening already?
They love their mountains!

Kelley got Teg a sweet beard mask~
Ha~ hope it didn't fly up in his eyes and block his view!

Molly, Brianna, and Sarah in their homemade
shirts at the State Theater!

They were escorted to the stage where Hunter gave Molly his 
guitar pick!  What a thrill!

Beckie found this note on Molly chalkboard wall ...
"HH (Hunter Hayes) walks up to me at the concert and gave ME a guitar pic 
and NO ONE else!"
Molly will remember this for a long time!


My girls raking up a storm of leaves~

I wonder if they stayed in that neat pile

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dinner with the "Girls"

It's always fun to get out with the 
They're crazy and fun!
The little ones are so snuggly...
and lovable!

And the big ones ~
so sweet and dear!

Prayers to my Linda Mae~
Always know you are loved!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

8 and under!

My girls, Sarah and Molly, are both on the Torpedo Swim Team
this year!
8 and Under!

Here's Sarah and her friend Carrie as they prepare 
to mark their bodies with bubbles~
They are members of the Bubble Club!
Molly is officially initiated into the club!
So cute!

Molly cried and cried her first couple of practices.
Her mommy assured her that 
"swimming on swim team will be so much fun"~
and then Molly took to the water without tears.

This was her first meet.
She was a little nervous but so ready!

Sarah was excited to see how her little sis would do!

Mommy told Molly she was so proud of her!
Meme told her I was so excited to see her swim 
and to take pictures!

Love my Sarah Rose!

All the coaches are so great with the kids!
Always giving them positive encouragement!

I love that the man sitting on the right, Don C. was Beckie's swim
team coach and now coaches Sarah!

Coach Al gives Molly some last minute advice 
for her first ever rely race!

She was ready to go!
"You can do it Molly"

And she did!

It is so fun that my friend Allison's kids are on the team too.
I didn't get any pictures of Lily~ I will next time!
But here is Ben~isn't he the cutest?
What a character!
Love his "JUMP" into the water!  

Sarah ~ ready, set, GO!

The girls worked on Rainbow Bracelets in between
events!  Even the coach was willing to learn how to 
make one!

Daddy was there too~ proud of his baby girl!

Carrie and Sarah discuss the results~ excited for a WIN!

Molly changed her cap to YELLOW~
For backstroke, they put my baby in lane 3!
I asked Beckie, "How is she at backstroke?  How can they put her
in lane 3?? "  I was so worried about her being in the middle of the pool,
in case she needed help!! Ha!  
Carrie turned and looked right at me and said,
"Molly is so good at backstroke, you'll see!"

She was RIGHT!  Molly did a great job!

She even went off the block in her other events~
even though she was so nervous about it!
She did great!

Coach Al is bragging up his 8 and under Walton girls to
their Mom!

Swim team is so great for building self confidence!
I am so proud of my little swimmers!

Great job girls!