Monday, March 8, 2010


Ok, the movie was a little slow. Wow, it's amazing how you could love something from your past but when you revisit it, you find it has lost it's luster!! I watched the movie with Sarah. She liked it. She liked the way Olivia Newton-John wore ribbons in her hair, the way she roller skated, and the fact that she could sing so pretty! I looked up Xanadu on the computer and found the website for the musical and it had testimonials from kids that have seen the play! They loved it, thought it was funny and had a great time! So, it was decided, YES... Sarah would go with me to see Xanadu!

She would wear ribbons in her hair too!
I had made a cd, and of course, we were already belting out the songs here at home. Sarah's favorite: Suddenly. You know... the wheels are in motion and I'm ready to sail any ocean!

She wished she could wear skates, but maybe this summer in the driveway while she listens to the Xanadu music!

It was really so much better than the movie! Keira, the muse, decides to have an Australian accent to hide the fact that she is Zeus' daughter, thus "mocking" Olivia from the film version. It was really quite funny and entertaining.

Our sleepover was fun too! Molly is getting so grown up. She says over and over to me...
"Meme, I am getting bigger, see?" (Translation: I want to go to the theater too sometime!)
I will look for something to take her to see, since she is sure she is so ready!
Cayden had a fun sleepover too and was so happy to see his Daddy when Cyle came to pick him up!!

On a side note, yoga nearly killed me tonight. Could be all the pilates, jazzercise and Jillian Michaels wearing me out before monday night yoga!! Feeling good... a lean, mean, fighting machine!