Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Manzanillo~ Part Two

On Tuesday after we checked in to Milarepa, we got into the car and 
drove to our property in Manzanillo.  It is about a 15 minute drive~
on the low road or the high road!
Dave wanted me to see the low road~
it is a lot like the quad trails of the Murtaugh land in PA!
Big difference here is the ocean off the road!!
Here it is...
We may have to name it
8 Palms
A shot from the beach~

I love the way those trees are in a row right there!

The marker that shows you 50 meters from high tide~
Public up to this point.
A heart shaped tree...

The Pejibaye Tree of Costa Rica~
The new fence posts marking the property ~
Dave is on the beach side of property and across
the road you see the other side of the land.
Left and Right.
Dave thinks he would like Bungalows on this lower part~

While the house would be on this hill~
The land is protected by some natural forest behind it.
On top of the hill!

This is the top of the hill looking towards the road and 
the ocean.
I just love the fences!
Here is Manuel with Dave.
Manuel is our friend who takes care of the land for 
us~ He keeps it picked up and he did the fencing
for us.  Manuel is the owner of a restaurant/bar called
Dorado, and is just down the road ~ 
He was very proud to show us his hard work~

We went back to Dorado's for lunch~
It is so relaxing here.

El Pescado~
Wow it's the whole thing!
Cerveza's are so refreshing~
We each have a couple!
I even ate some Ceviche!
Imagine that!

On the way back to Milarepa, 
we stop to see a few of the other resorts
that are tucked off the dusty road~
Pranamar is pretty new~
The villas are nestled all close together~
with little walkways with pretty gardens in between!

On the plane over we met a couple who were heading to
 Pranamar to be married!  They said about 50 friends and 
family were coming in for the week!
Pranamar is known for it's yoga, pilates and buddha meditation.
Here is the hut for mediation!
The pool is snug right in the middle!

We then stop at Latitude 10
Loved their pool~
Their restaurant is private~ just for guests, while most resorts 
here are open to all~

In front of Latitude 10 is the El Penon rock~ a.k.a
Rick's Rock!

We head back to Milarepa for dinner.  Bianca, Andie and Lucas
were just the best staff at Milarepa Resort.  Sebastian is the chef
there and the food was wonderful.  

Here is a shot from Milarepa beach
showing how close Latitude 10 and Pranamar
See Rick's Rock?
Back to our little spot in the woods!

Tomorrow we ride the beach to
the Bongo River!