Saturday, November 30, 2013

We Never saw them again?

I saw this in a store at St Armand's
they drove south one winter until they could stand outside
with no coats on & we never saw them again

I tease my kids that Dad and I just might do this~
(We really, really, might!  We would be seen again tho~ like
all summer long)

Dave drove to Florida, stopping to see clients on the way~
I flew to Florida 2 weeks later on Halloween day!

I was happy to be reunited with this guy!

We drove up to Fort Myers to see Ryan and Laurie~ It was so
fun to see their kids and to meet Ryan's parents.

We miss this little family since their move to Chicago!

I taught Kai and Kalieha to make drip castles!

We had a  beautiful day together in the sun
then watched it set and had dinner together!

Some things never change...
We still all had a great time together as if we were never apart!

We hope to visit Chicago soon~

I love getting mail while in Florida!
I was there for the Month of November so it was
exciting to find these Treasures in my mailbox~
First Cayden's mail.
He tells Meme and Papa that he loves us!

A week later, this one came!
Mya did a drawing for Papa~
She told her Mommy what it was and even said,
"You see it, RIGHT PAPA?"

They are both getting so big!
I love snail mail!