Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Best Friend is a ....

New Grandmother! Just look... Rick and Roxi are just the cutest new Gma and Poppy EVER! Little Levi came early and weighed in at 5 lbs-3ozs!

Levi Andrew Sonners was born on October 12, the same day as my newest gem, Layla!

Melissa and Jason are in love, Rick and Roxi are in their glory!

There is seriously nothing better than being a grandparent.

I am so happy for the Murts, who will be just the best grandparents.

Rick will share with Levi his knowledge about EVERYTHING~ Little Levi just might have to call the 5- 24 hour rule once in a while!! This is something Dave, Bob and Gary call Rick on, when they don't believe something Rick has told them!! He has to prove it's TRUE in 24 hours or he owes them $5 bucks each!! Levi could really fill his piggy bank up quick!!

And Roxi, well, here's the thing about Roxi. This grandma will spend endless hours listening to Levi, even more hours sharing stories about his Momma Mel, and showing him how to be the best person he can be! She will shower him with the gift of her love, and always, always be there for him!!

What a lucky little boy he is.

Melissa and Jason will have an even greater love for Mel's parents when they witness how much love Levi's grandparents show him... because there is NOTHING in the world better for a parent than the feeling that someone loves your child as much as you do!

God Blessed this new baby... don't you think?