Friday, September 17, 2010

Awesome Post...

Wanna see something so cute? Check this out... Dagmara's Blog on CALVIN!

Guess Who's 5?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH ROSE! One of my all time favorite pictures of you...

We did like to call you Ming Sue when you where a tiny baby!

I love to call you my ROSIE...
You delight us,
You give us such joy,
You amaze us,
You are so very kind hearted to others,
Your smile brightens our days,You are 5 today! We love you up to God! Happy Birthday Rosie!! You namesake smiles down from Heaven and watches over you every day... GG would have so delighted in your every move and surely would have treasured every word you say!

I love you... I am so proud to me your Meme!

And Sarah, you are so right... I WILL be so excited when I am the GG to your babies one day! Hugs precious girl!