Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year~

Happy New Year~ We celebrated at home with a few good friends!  A great dinner, some games, and some Dick Clarks Rockin New Year Show!

After my 5 days in Grand Junction, Tegan, Kelley, Layla and I headed to Breckenridge to meet up with Danny and Dave!  We rented a condo thru Airbnb, which was really so easy, and Rob, the owner was very accommodating!  6 more days of fun was ahead for us all!  We wanted to celebrate Christmas with the boys and their girls... that would include Danny's "girls", Kayla and Koma!

Koma is just so soft...

and Kayla loves to give kisses!
Just ask Layla!

This girl is getting up there in age~
She is so sweet.  She would sit and cry for Danny when
he was off on the mountain.  I think she worried he might be 
leaving her with some new people!

These two did a lot of snowboarding together~ early in the morning!
This is the reaction I get when I grab my camera!

Dinners out were always an adventure!


Kelley found the Beer Pong Machine... WHAT?

Outside the condo, there was a sledding hill!  You could actually
sled right into downtown!  We weren't to thrilled with the thought of 
hiking back up to the condo though!  
But sled we did!
Layla and Momma were so excited!
Papa helped Layla get ready!
Pop'ay pulled her to the side of the hill!

Layla watched as her Papa, Uncle Danny and Pop'ay
took off running and sailing in the air toward the hill!
(which really wasn't the hill to sled but boys will be boys!)
There goes her Papa!

Uncle Danny checks the wind direction...
and off he runs~
Pop'ay was next!
Kelley was a bit more daring...
backwards ya'll!

Layla's turn!

Then we started going down the hill to town!

Up... hard work in this high altitude!  But once you climbed once, 
it was easy to do over and over again!  We only went so far down tho!
Someone decided we needed some "JUMPS"
on the way down!

Me and my littlest GEM!

My guys

They have so much fun together!

We discovered that "someone" enjoys eating SNOW!
she was so funny to watch!  It was like she couldn't get enough!
She must have been so thirsty!

The snow just kept falling~
It was the most beautiful day!
Pop'ay and his bundle!

Kelley got on her snowboarding gear and practiced a bit!

Tegan ran ahead...
I think she was trying to run him down!

Almost got him!
She's at it again!

Kelley grabs her phone for a picture of the snow eater...
but look behind her!
Tegan runs into a tree!
He was ok, but boy did we laugh when we saw we had a picture of it!
Uncle Danny and Layla~
Snow Angel!

Layla had so much fun with her Momma in the snow!


This little gem never once sad she was cold... or that her little 
hands were freezing, which we realized when we went inside~
they were so red and cold!  We shopped for new gloves the next day!

She was just having a BALL!

Here comes Uncle Danny~

Back up the hill,
Layla gets a ride!
Wonder what she'll do with the snow she is scooping up as she goes!

No Joke~
She didn't stop!

"So good!"

While Layla had "Lunch",
Momma and Papa hit the JUMP!

Once at the bottom~ Tegan got her back for nearly running him
down on the snowboard!

Take Down

What a great first day in the snow!

Danny is definitely loving his life here
in Breckenridge!
I love this kid!