Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I must say...I have some of the best girlfriends EVER! How lucky we all are to have each other. Every Wednesday we try and meet together for dinner. We go "out to dinner", of course!! The group might change week after week, some girls are busier than others on certain Wednesdays, but we try and stay committed!! The conversations go on all around the table...we are rather loud sometimes since there are usually 6 to 8 or more there. We talk about our kids, our grand kids, our jobs, our husbands, our aches and pains and tonight we even talked about politics!! We are all in agreement about Sarah her...and that was when my friend Patty got serious with me. It is interesting to me to hear what someone else sees in me, when I cannot see this myself. It is the second time someone has said these things to me in the last couple of weeks. I have been told what a strong, outgoing, "leader' type person they think I am...I just do not see this at all!! I have always considered myself a story teller...I relate stories I know or heard...I often feel I do not initiate new ones though. A behind the scenes kind of person...content, happy, easygoing and kind. Yes, I like all those words! They say...Me. I wonder could I be a take charge type of person, yet, friends say I am that type. I know a few things about myself....

.I know if one of my friends needed me, I would be there.
.I know I can talk to a room full of children...Easily
.I know if I had to talk to a room of adults, I would be nervous
.I know I am funny...YES I AM!
.I know I love my husband and children
.I know I love my grandbabies...who doesn't know that about me!

There is one thing I would want my family and friends to know...If something happened to me tomorrow and I didn't get the chance to tell them... I love you all!

To those Wednesday girls- You are priceless to me and I think all of YOU are my "leaders" keep leading the way cuz I want to keep following you, everyone of you, because I love you all.