Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rebecca Jean Lesjak Walton

Happy Birthday to Beckie... May 26th was the day... I am so proud of the woman she is... the Mom she has become.   She makes me laugh and inspires me to run!!  She is the BEST TEACHER EVER, a natural born teacher, everyone loves Mrs. Walton!!  Wasn't the birthday she hoped for since she spent some of it in the emergency room.  I had the girls overnight anyway, thank goodness,  so Don could take her out... oh well, we will just have to do it all over again, won't we??

Wedding Planning...

                                                        Off to get some done!!

Taking Pictures...

Ok, so the jig is up... I bring out the camera, which really is never put away, and Sarah looks away, Molly runs!!!  There was a time when they smiled and loved the flash of the camera.  Now I have to make DEALS with them... one shot, only one...of course that never I keep it on continuous shot so I can't snap as many as possible!  Sometimes, THAT DOESN'T WORK EITHER!

 Hey... Is Beckie joining in their little game of LOOK AWAY??

               They are seriously killing me!!!!  I will have to resort to other measures!