Friday, October 21, 2011

Molly's BIG Choice!

Molly Carolyn is quite excited to be going to Playhouse Square Theater with Meme to see The Wizard Of Oz!  This will be Molly's first time going to the theater!  We thought it was time to bring her into the tradition of me taking a gem to the show!  Molly and I had some shopping to do!  I had my iphone with me for some pictures!   We went to Dillards and selected some beautiful dresses to try on...
 Molly went from rack to rack, saying "This one, and this one, Oh and this one for sure Mem!"

We found the dressing room and began to try them one...  Oh my... eww la la!

This little pink number was a little "stiff" but oh so lovely!

Blue~  so Belle of the Ball!

Oh my goodness... pretty sparkles in this one!

"Hey, Meme, it comes with its own little sweater!"
Molly tried on 8 dresses in all.  We narrowed it down to 5.

Can you guess which one she choose?  

  Molly wanted them all.  She was sad when I laughed and 
said, "Oh no, we only can buy one."
Oh me, Oh my... how could she possible choose just one?