Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cocktail Hour with Meigan!

So, I join a golf league with Meigan, on Wednesday nights... fun right??  Not really.  My golfing is not so good... I end up with blisters on my hands (holding the clubs WRONG) and a high score after nine holes BUT... isn't there always a but?  Riding in the cart with Meigan is just so much fun.  She never covers her drivers so they clang together constantly.  I told her it sounds like a cocktail party going on behind us and I keep wanting to look to see what I am missing!!  It's no wonder I can't remember how many times I hit the ball or where the frickin ball even went!  Oh well...CHEERS... here's to the girls who are at least out there whacking away!  Next week I am stopping that drink cart and joining in the party... who knows, it might even help!