Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Erma Bombeck used to say...

"A Grandmother always pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween!"
And she was RIGHT!
Meme had no idea who was behind these masks!

Batman and his sidekick Batgirl!

We made some "ghosts" and hung them on fallen branches that
Cayden stuck in the ground for decorations!

Very Spooky!

So proud of their work!

When I got home...
This was waiting on the counter~
It is nice to be missed!

Meanwhile, in GJ~
someone else went hunting for the right pumpkin
for Halloween craving!

Layla had a blast with her Momma and Papa~
There was a slide...

and a bounce blob!

I was invited to go to the corn maze with Beckie, Sarah and Molly!

There were goats for petting!

A slide!

Sweet faces!

Photo ops~

The corn maze was so big~
you could be lost for DAYS!

Molly held a corn stalk up so we wouldn't lose each other!

Sarah led us some of the way~
I would follow her anywhere!
Molly found a little friend along the way!

She is a nature lover!

Afterwards, we went shopping for some new tops for Sarah!
So fun!

Molly kept herself busy doing cartwheels thru the
dressing room!

Meme totally encouraged this behavior!
Bad Meme!

Really, it was late and the store was pretty empty
so I just looked the other way!

Erma Bombeck would be proud of me!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

At Grandma's....

I went to Grandma Brenda's with Mya and Cayden to 
meet their new goats, Flash and Scotch! 

Brenda named one goat Scotch...
This poor little guy turns out to have very bad vision.
So they have bells around their necks so Scotch can 
follow Flash around!

Here's the one Cayden got to name  and he choose ~ Flash!
A feisty little fellow!

A curious guy!

A timid, skittish little guy!

Cayden and Mya showed me how they let them take walks around the 

Cayden said...
"Now watch Meme, they will eat anything!"

Flash tried hard to reach some leaves!

Flash just followed the kids around and Scotch would listen
for the bell and follow!

Cayden is in PJ's because it was letter P day at school!

Aren't they so cute?
The goats and the KIDS?

There is a huge pond on Grandma's land too!

Mya... a little tree hugger!

Jumping Flash!

"Now Flash, wait a minute..."

"We have to help him get some leaves"

Everybody RUN!

"Feed him like this Mya"

"Good job Mya"

Are these two lucky or WHAT?

"See Mem, they are pretty cute, right?"

But the fun doesn't stop with goats...
There are chickens too!

Chores to be done~
They gather eggs,
that's always Mya's job!
Cayden likes to show them off tho!

They both feed them~

Then Mya gets the water ready!

Cayden helps with that too!

At  Grandma's there are bunnies too!

Thumper and Clover...
Mya named Clover, after Sofia the First!
Grandma says "Really, it's Aunt Jess's job to take care of these big guys!"

"We have to feed the fish too", they say!

Then its time for a ride in the wagon behind the tractor...
or lawn mower!

I love this kids freckles!

And they are off!

Don't worry... 
there is a real tractor too!

Then Mya and Cayden run inside to get the bat and balls~
I was laughing so hard the pictures are blurry!
Look how Mya carries the balls!!

Such a funny girl!

Grandma pitches
Meme says "Hey Batter Batter Batter
Cayden hits it!

A line drive right at Meme!

Mya likes to play too!
Grandma pitches
Meme says "Hey Batter Batter Batter...

And Mys sends one my way too!

What a fun time we had that night at Grandma Brenda's
and Grandpa Darren's house!
Thanks for having us over for dinner!