Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sarah ... Defying Gravity!

Isn't she WICKED?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Say What?

Cayden got some new shoes. Some really loud shoes. Some really loud, SQUEAKY shoes. Some really loud, SQUEAKY, COULD GET VERY ANNOYING, MIGHT HAVE TO TAKE SQUEAKER OUT, shoes. But for now, they encourage his walking, which is why I bought them! So, squeak away, little boy, squeak away!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This little guy just melts my heart!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Cayden Walks!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shorter... and shorter I go!

Making my life simpler...
One haircut at a time.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Bridget Diana!

Happy Birthday to my little namesake, Bridget Diana! You continue to amaze me with your strength and determination when it comes to your little boots, Cayden! You are a wonderful daughter, an excellent mother, a loving wife and your spirit shines in all you do! I love you very much Scootie, and don't you forget it!!

Bridget and Cyle

Bridget and her Daddy... Wedding Day !

October 13th...

Bridget and Cayden... at the lake on his first birthday!

Bridget and Cayden... just before his first haircut!

Bridget and her "Boots"!

Bridget's cute little family!

Happy 27th Birthday!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for you! I love you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beatles Rockband and The Ones Who Thought They Could Still Rock Out!

Our good friends, Meigan and Dennis invited us to a BEATLES ROCKBAND PARTY... we were told we would be making homemade pizza's and forming bands of four to make Beatles music for this FAB FOUR party.

We had a absolute blast! Everyone was willing to make a fool of himself or herself so it made for a real riot of laughs!! Check out our pictures...
Band mates... Marty and Dennis sing.
Kathy tries her best to distract Gary during the "Guys vs. Girls" portion of the night. Girls totally rocked and won that challenge!!
Teammates, Kathy, Gary, Dave and Mike!
We had dancers.... Mary Annis and Meigan show us how to do it 60's style!
We had singers... Mary Annis, Meigan, Kathy and Kathy belting it out for our listening pleasure!
Mike just ruled on lead guitar, Gary and Dennis could really NOT hit the high notes, Meigan and I were really not much better!!
So much fun for such Oldies but Goodies.
All you need is LOVE.

And some earplugs!!

Yea Yea Yea

Thanks Dennis and Meig!

Let's all stick with our chosen careers...K?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too much of a good thing?

So I did pilates 4 times this week. This following a 2 hour session with my sister Frankie,

who is the queen of pilates. A teacher/trainer for PowerPilates. I did a mat class and a TRX class with my sister. Frankie is a fun, and energetic teacher. Her classes are always interesting. I have found a great pilates studio here called Western Reserve Pilates Studio. Beth and Karen, the owners, instructors, are also very good teachers. They work to keep the workout lively and fun! I am finding this is one form of exercise I actually love, yes, I said LOVE, and I am maybe overly enthusiastic about it... hence the 4 times in one week. I really wasn't sore. I really thought "No problem"... till this mornings mat class. I took a Circuit class, Trx/Tower class, Jumpboard class and was ending on the mat.
Sounds good, right? WRONG!!
My abs were so SCREAMING thru this last class that I thought I would die!!! I am working so hard just to get my body into shape! No pain, no gain. I have had changes.... my pants feel so loose I worry they might fall off... lost some inches I know. But it sucks to step on the scale and see that really I have gained some weight. I know, I know, muscle weights more and I am definitely building some muscle tone. I can only hope I can drop some pounds soon too!! I want to look like my older sister...
Yes, I said older!! Frankie is 22 months older than me. No one ever guesses that she is the older one. She has been an instructor for many years. She has tried and failed so many times to convince me that pilates was great. She lived in Dallas so I couldn't just take her classes. I think I so would have if we lived closer. Now she is in Columbus Ohio so the 2 hour drive is not so hard to do. I visit and always take a class or two!! So ok, I know I have my work cut out for me. Maybe I need to go 5 or 6 times a week!!! I really just want to be more fit. But, wouldn't it be grand if I did get a body like hers??? Frankie, I think you are fabulous at what you do. You encourage your students and have a genuine interest in their well being. I love you lots! Thanks for inspiring me... finally. Right??
Thanks Frankie and Tom for this past weekend!! Thanks for having us! Let's do it again soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

I've got sunshine... on a cloudy day!

And I just want to soak in all in...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Capture~Love Around Home!

You Capture... Love around your home! My home is lovingly called Meme's House!

Willow Tree figurines...
Love is all around at Meme's! I am some kind of LUCKY!
See more love over at Beth's I should be folding laundry!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i heart faces! We are Family!

This is a photo of my son in law bringing his newborn son over to his mommy, my daughter. The baby was weighed, swaddled and put in his Daddy's arms. He was so proud and Mommy was so thrilled! They are a beautiful family of 3. I was blessed to be a witness to this little miracle.

More families here!
You will love the i heart faces website! Check it out!


Well, it's happened.
My own daughter said it.
Oh, Yes, she did.
Beckie stated that she had to "DE-GRAMMAtize" Sarah after her sleep over at my house.

I remember uttering the same words to Dave when Beckie was little and would stay with Sweet Gertie!! Of course, I don't think I ever said those words to Gertie. It was something I said to Dave and we would just deal with the little monster that came home from Grammie's. Just some attitude, just some displeasure with not being able to get her way, just a little put off by having to come back home where she was expected to do a little more!! Oh my. I really didn't mind because I knew Beckie loved her Grandma so, so, so, much. I loved the little person she was when she was around her Grammie Gert. So I just chuckled to myself. Beckie went on to talk about that same attitude coming from her daughter. Ummm.... I know I really didn't do anything to make her behave that way ... or did I? Nope. I am sure the only thing I am guilty of, as was Grammie Gert, was being able to be a Grammie, to be a Meme. We have the luxury of doing NOTHING when the grandkids stay with us. We are free to do whatever, play whatever, and give them our complete and undivided attention. Moms are not always able to do that. I see that now. I understand now how this all works. So, forgive me Beckie, I cannot help myself. You will have to do what I did back when you were little. Grin and bear the day after, and, just know that someone loves your babies so much... Up to God, actually. I love you too Beckie!

P.S. Hope your having a good day with Molly....

Monday, January 18, 2010

"It's My Turn!"

Got a phone call yesterday. It went like this...

Molly: Hi Meme. Can I have a yumber yarty at your house? All by myyelf?

Meme: Sure! Right now?

Molly: Yes

Meme: Yes you can!

Molly: (screaming) She said YES... I can yeep over!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Capture-Winter!

Capturing WINTER isn't hard to do around here lately! It's been cold, cold, cold! It's warming up now, so I took some shots of the ice that hangs from my gutters, because soon they will be gone.
Notice the blue, blue sky! It will be sunny today and about 35... a regular heat wave, I tell ya!

Oh, where do the children play? Not out here today! The playhouses are abandoned.
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