Sunday, July 15, 2012

Slippery Fish...

Cayden is becoming quite the swimmer!
His Mommy and Daddy got him a swimming pool.
It is a great activity for someone with OI~
and he loves it!

I am off to Montreal tomorrow with Bri and Cayden.
It is time for his yearly tests at Shriners Hospital, where
he will see Dr. Rauch and lots of other little friends!
Everyone there is so kind and sweet~
Cyle is so busy roofing with all the recent storms, that  he and Bri 
decided to ask me to go in his place.  I am sure it will be 
hard for him to stay back as Cayden is his prized
possession.  I am quite the long distance driver so he 
can be assured they will be in good hands... mine!

This will be Cayden's third visit to Shriners in Montreal~
We have much good news to share with the Dr and the
Cayden has been
His Mommy and Daddy take the best care of him!
Cayden is one smart cookie and he knows
exactly what he can and can't do!

We will, however, probably still do this...
Cayden and his Daddy
Montreal 2010

Pray for our precious boy!