Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry, Merry...

Three days till Christmas...
This year it will be about my little gems!

Gems who are excited for Santa!

My very own Santa worked hard in his wood shop!
Dave built this grocery store checkout counter from a picture I found in the Land Of Nod catalog!
We painted the sliding doors and store front top header with chalk board paint!
It turned out so great!
We ordered the shopping cart from Land Of Nod~

Another fun gift was the little statues of the gems... 
Mya, Cayden, Molly and Sarah.
Next year I will be on the ball and have a picture ready of Layla too~
so we will have all five gems!  Miss Theresa from Best Beginnings makes these for 
the school to give as Christmas gifts to the parents!  
I still have mine from when Tegan was in the 4 year old class!!
I was lucky enough to take my gems to school that day and have their pictures taken
for the statue dolls!
I gave them to Beckie and Bridget on Christmas day!

On Thursday night, Sarah and Molly came to have a "yeep~over" so that we could bake cookies!
They came with their little elf Abby, since it was her last night to "keep her eye" on them!
We found her "hanging" on Santa Friday morning!
Sarah and Molly said she must be ready to head back to Santa with SNIP & SNAP, the two little elves who come back to get her and while there take wrapping paper back to Santa from their house!
They do leave a little something for the girls in exchange.
These little elves are sorry to see Abby go!

We had so much fun making cookies together!

This year we tried the egg yolk and water with food coloring to "paint" our cookies before
we baked them!  The cookies turned out really cute~
and they were yummy too!

Bridget, Cayden and Mya got to my house on Friday around 11 am.
We ended up having a game night here and while the adults played at
the kitchen table we noticed the kids at the tree checking out some 
presents that were under it!
HEY.... What's the BIG IDEA?
They were finding presents with their names on them and shaking them~ trying to guess
what was inside!

The next morning I found this note... It says~
"sneke past parents"
"sneke presents with your name!"
"sneke presents"
All with a map showing the table where the parents played,
a circle~ the room where they plotted~
with dots to the tree to get the presents!

What little SNEKES!! HA
Sarah has since learned the correct spelling of
Mya thought this was so funny too!
Isn't she darling?

Christmas morning we waited for Beckie, Donny, Sarah and Mo to get here!
It was tough on the Cayden but he made it!

He just wanted to open his presents!
Finally!!  Cayden opens his present and finds a TOOL FACTORY!!
Mya had lots of help opening her presents!
So much fun!

Molly had some presents even BIGGER than her!

Sarah got her wish for a new computer.
Papa got a new one and gave her his old one~
she was so happy!

Then it was time for Sarah and Molly to see what was behind the curtain!

Their faces say it all!
They also got lots of  play food and a real working cash register to go with it!

Great presents came from Colorado too! 
Tegan and Kelley know how Dave loves his Whoppers!
I got a thirty one purse and the kids all got great presents from the Colorado Lesjaks too!

Everyone got busy!
Dave and Sarah play with some magnetic cut out dolls!
Beckie and Bridget played the junior version of Blokus~  They are hooked!

Sarah, wearing all her new PEACE sign things, really loved the new bag Uncle Tegan and Aunt Kelley sent her!  She got to decorate it herself!

Our little Mya is going to be one tall girl!
She is so sweet and such a mommy's girl
unless Daddy is around~ Ha!
Always looking for Daddy! 

We all got to Face Time with Danny too!  He spent Christmas day at Keystone on the mountain!

Besides teaching at Breckenridge, he is seasonal help at UPS!
Just look at his hair!  Ha 
I am happy that he is so happy!

Everyone stayed the night and on Monday morning we all had breakfast together!
Sarah and Molly looked totally worn out!!

These two crack me up!!
Cute hats were a christmas gift from their Aunt Tracey!

Meigan had a birthday Christmas eve~
Happy Birthday!

Layla had a photo shoot with her Mommy and Papa!

I love them!

And lastly, from Florida...
Roxi's little stars were just having a ball on the beach together!! 
 Levi Andrew and Grayer Andrew
and their little snow buddy!

Merry Christmas!