Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Treats!



While I was away...

My little Sarah Rose running in the "Run For The Young"!  Lesjak Planning and The Cleveland Clinic sponsor this race in Westlake at Crocker Park to raise money for childhood obesity awareness and prevention.  Big strides for a healthier community!  Beckie and Bridget ran the 5k while Sarah, with Mommy and Molly following, ran the kids 1 mile!  She did it all by herself this time!!  So proud of all of them!

I also received my SUMMER SWAP package!!  So adorable.  Notecards,Key Lime pie mix, napkins, plates, a book and fun flip flops picked out especially for me by my "fairy grandkids" in Florida!!!  Thank you Lani Ann- it was so fun to come home to a surprise package!  Blogging is just so much fun for me especially since I get to "meet", and I do feel like I personally "know" many new people that I call "FRIENDS"!!   

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Come Away With Me...

 What a DAY!  The wedding day started out WET... rain, rain, rain!  By noon the sun was trying to shine.   The bride felt emotional, she said.  The parents told her it was normal.  Then she was off to her cabin with her girlfriends to have makeup and hair done.  Roxi, Sharon, Debbie and I were off to the Whiteface Resort to finish last minute preparations.   Everything looked so pretty!  Around 4 the decision had to be made... ceremony IN or OUTSIDE?  The bride was really hoping for outside so weather maps were consulted - we were told no more rain after 7:30 so, the cocktail hour was a little longer while we waited for the rain to stop!!  The bride shared with me her something OLD.  Her woobie, the tiny little piece left from it! 

7:20 ~ The skies start to clear for the bride and groom.  Friends move chairs that are wet, we will all stand for this!  The rainbow appears.  Melissa tells her Dad this is her favorite weather, her favorite feeling, the way she feels right after the rain. 
So it begins... Rick and his beautiful daughter Melissa.
The ceremony was a Jewish one and at one point the Rabbi did tell the couple that they were actually married but the ceremony wasn't over yet... this was Jason's reaction!!  
This was Roxi's reaction!  She just radiates love for her daughter and new son-in-law!

 The beautiful blushing Bride!

 The bride and the Tooth-fairy!

The bride's sister in law Selena sang Come Away With Me for the bride and grooms first dance.

Heartland sang "I Loved Her First" for the bride and her Daddy.

It was a very special moment for both of them.
Rick's toast included some tips on keeping Melissa happy... holding her hand, telling her bedtime stories, and lots of hugs,  were just a few of them.  We had a fabulous time.  The setting was breathtaking, the food delicious, and we were with treasured friends.  Only thing missing for me was  ... Dave.  All night I wished he were here.  I know how hard it was for him to miss seeing his best friend give away his daughter.  Lake Placid was a great place to visit!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sonners!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner...

We had a rehearsal dinner tonight without  the rehearsal!  The dinner was to take place on the roof of the hotel but it started to rain,  really to storm, at about 4 pm.  The staff quickly moved everything back inside.  It didn't seem to matter... the lounge room was really comfortable and everyone had a blast!  
Rick, Melissa and Roxi, all smiles, ready to celebrate with friends!

                                   ~~~The Bride and her Mother~~~
                                  ~~~The Bride and her Father~~~

                                   ~~~The Groom and his Mother~~~

Your friends say to give you a message...

                "Don't worry Dave, your wife is in good hands!  We miss you!"
                                                       Your friends!

View from a room...

MINE... to be exact! Isn't it grand? There is a peaceful, easy feeling here for sure.

I ran into the happy couple at breakfast and took some cute shots...

                        ~~~Mel & Jason~~~

They are just so darling together.  They are making the final checks on flowers, the hall, etc.  After breakfast, they were going off to pick up their MARRIAGE LICENSE!  One day to go till the BIG DAY!

Oh, and the rest of us... Golf for the men... SHOPPING for the women!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lake Placid

We made it safely to the destination wedding of Jason and Melissa!  Lake Placid is beautiful, very quaint and sweet. The weather is so warm here in New York,  with lots of sunshine.  It was a "quick" 9 and  1/2 hour car ride.  The time really went quickly since the scenery was so beautiful along the way!  We traveled right through the City of Diana.  In fact, the police like to give tickets there... rumor has it!!!  Many lakes painted the landscape as we drove and we enjoyed the mountain views.

Melissa, the bride to be, with her best friend Kristen.  Doesn't Mel just look so happy?  Melissa is so honored that so many of her Cleveland "FAMILY" made the trip for her wedding!

The brides Dad Rick, her brother Chad and his beautiful wife Selena!

The GUYS...Bob, Art, Gary, Jim, and Ken enjoying a pre~dinner drink in the Northwoods Inn Bar!

Kristen, Melissa, Patty, Jeff, Kathy, Jim and Debbie ... all with such great SMILES!

Ken, Sharon and our groom to be ~ Jason!  I will post more of the fun festivities for all those that were left behind in Cleveland... you know who you are!  (and you are missed)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Molly's Big Birthday Party!

      ~~~~~~Molly Carolyn~~~~~~

This girl is such a little gem!  I could just eat her up!  We had her birthday party today and we had a blast!  We rented a bounce house and all Molly's little friends had fun jumping around!
Here is a shot of Sarah and Molly, trying it out before all the friends got here... Sarah gives it the thumbs up!

Molly jumping really high up!
Taking a little break from the action~

Molly's little friend Danny was there to help her open all her presents and share a hug and a kiss with his favorite girl!  Check out his face proud of himself... then look closely at Molly.  Her eyes are still closed, wishing for more of True Loves Kiss? They are too cute for words!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Treats!

~~Sarah and Molly's Daddy coming over to swim with them this afternoon!! ~~

Monday, June 22, 2009


My MONDAY MEMORY comes from this past weekend!! We traveled to our good friends "camp", or more like a 5 star hotel, in PA. It sits right on the Allegheny River. Rick and Roxi are the best hosts! We rode quads...and got totally muddy... and we sat around the campfire playing "Would you rather...?" till 3 am on Saturday night! Good times! Here are some fun memories caught on film...

Dave, Roxi and I at the raging falls. Really quite beautiful!
Dave and I ready to head out...before the mud.
What is this guy doing?? One can only guess.
Our Gypsy Feet ... ready for MUD! Bring it on!

Here is the original cabin...
This is the newer Bunk House...
Some shots from the Bunk House...

Ok, FOR THE RECORD... I WAS WRONG! Remember me saying ..."It is NOT"?, around this fire? Well, IT WAS! I will caddy for you fine sir, name the day. As for the other... I believe the bet was my life. Well you already have that!!

Thank you Rick and Roxi! We had a blast! We love you guys!