Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lesjak Memorial Party!

We had a great time at Doug and Sandies home in Wellington!  They have a beautiful yard, with lots of room to run, play softball, frisbee, etc.  The girls had a grand time just running, running and running!!

They played with some cousins that they only see once in a while, MacKenzie and Matthew Lesjak.  Lots of cornhole and beer.  Here's Kevin and Beckie going at it!!!
A little just sitting around and socializing... Here's Becky, Heather, Grandpa John, Pat, Gary, John, Kurt, Mattthew, and Uncle Art!
Lots of cooking... Doug at the grill, smiles from beautiful Heather and her boyfriend Kurt!
Janet and Sue in the kitchen... Somehow I missed a shot of our hostess, Sandie, who was busy flying around all day making sure everyone had everything they needed! Thank you Sandie and Doug for a fun day!
Oh... and here's the shot of Molly... who found the cheetos bowl!
She was pretty much ORANGE, from head to toe!