Monday, January 21, 2013

Costa Rica! Part One

Dave and I spent a week in Costa Rica~
Of course I took my camera~
We flew into San Jose then took a
cab to Escazu.
Our hotel was really nice~

Beautiful rooftop pool area!

Our menu at dinner de"lighted" Dave...
It had it's own reading light!  Genius~

The restaurant had a water feature that overflowed 
off the edge~ so cool!

We woke Tuesday morning and headed to 
Sansa Regional Airport 
for the plane to Tambor~
This is it...
It seats about 12.
Luggage is weighed...
Passengers and carry ons are weighed...
Gotta say my purse weighed a good 8 lbs~ Ha!
We sat directly behind the pilot and co-pilot!
He was a happy guy!
It was my first time on a plane this size 
and I think I did really well!
We're off...

I keep a close eye on the instruments!

Look... Happy faces!
Over the mountains and across the water we go...

It is about a 25 minute flight from San Jose to Tambor~
on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica!
Look... see the runway....
Yes that's it... right at the edge of the Pacific Ocean!
It is really a short landing strip RIGHT?
Wow... so exciting!
Here is a map of Costa Rica~
Here is the map of the Nicoya Peninsula~
Look closely and find Tambor~

We landed there and drove to Santa Teresa!
Our land is in Manzenillo!
I could not wait to see what inspired Dave to buy land here!
The road in Tambor is paved...
for a little while!
The trees are beautiful along the way!
I love the "natural" fences everyone has... made from trees that
actually start to grow again!
Soon we are on unpaved stone roads...
"Bumpy" does not begin to describe the ride along
these roads!
The dust is just EVERYWHERE!
We arrive at Milarepa Resort in Santa Teresa!
We are taken to Bungalow #4~ closest to the water!
Here it is...
See the hanging baskets for your clothes?
The wooden bed is covered in netting to protect you
from bugs~
The bathroom!
Open air concept!
The left...
The right~

Open to the beautiful sky~ 
Watch out for those Howler Monkeys!
The closet!
On each side there is a window with shudders 
that we never shut!
A cozy little porch~
Look how cute!
Bungalow #4

It comes with a killer view of the ocean
and the roaring sound of the waves day and night!
There is another dresser and a small table and two chairs
inside too!
The pool at Milarepa is lovely as well~
The the yellow wall beyond the chaise lounge...
Bungalow 4!
We would wake with the sun and walk the beach~
There is no swimming in front of Milarepa because of the rocks~
See Dave?
He is walking on rocks at low tide~ just to give you an idea
how high the water is when it's high tide.
See the top of rock he is pointing at?
Here is the same rock top at high tide...
The high tide comes right up to the drift wood you see here...
The Milarepa chairs for sunsets~
The beach to the left is where you swim and surf~
We walked everyday but I did not take my camera along
because we always would swim too!
I did take some shots one afternoon to show you the beach to
the left~
I wish I would have taken some pictures of the surfers~ 
I knew the first night why Dave loves it here so much!
Isn't it beautiful?

The beach to the right~

Sunset at Milarepa~
Day is ending~