Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not Your Typical Wednesday!

I had all three of my gems here today! Bridget was working, Beckie went to clean out her classroom and on a job interview ... so everyone came to "Meme's House"!

It's hard to get a shot of all three of these darlings...
I often get this kind of silly-ness out of them!

After lunch and naps... we headed outside to play. Cyle came by right about then to pick up Cayden, so he missed out on the little party we ended up having together! Sarah enjoyed the new pool toy...
She would score points for each hole she could jump into!
Molly enjoyed painting poolside!
Sarah had Molly join her for a little ride around the pool!
Molly looks comfy, doesn't she?

Papa came home and after dinner, Sarah and Molly watched a movie with him!
Then they took a walk outside and next thing I knew Sarah came in and said...

"Get ready Meme and Mom, we are having a campfire. Yep, you heard me. Papa said so."
We had s'mores of course!
Sarah said, "How about we yell CAMPFIRE when you take our picture?"
Did I mention we had tacos for dinner.. ice cream for dessert... some ice tea... then the chocolate, crackers and marshmallows?

Then we sent them home with their Mommy!

Oh the joys of being a grandparent!