Friday, December 3, 2010

Story Hour and so much more!

I love it when, without prompting, Molly decides to "read" to Cayden! She does it quite often lately, whenever they are together. They are Best Buds, these two!
Molly tells a good tale...
Cayden can't take his eyes off the book!
Molly really builds up the suspense!
It's serious now!
Then she always kisses him because he is "such a good listener"!

I just love his little feet... want to just eat them or as I heard someone say on tv~~ Dunk them in my coffee!!
Big news here too... look who is wearing some BIG BOY underwear! He is trying really hard!

Molly enjoys spending time with Mya too!
Mya loves the attention!
Only 22 days till Christmas! AND only 6 days till I see my Colorado Lesjaks!