Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yes, you read that right... I call her MYNA~

Today she is 4

I cannot even believe it~  it seems like only yesterday I was in the delivery room with Bri and Cyle as this precious girl was making her way into the world.  She was going to show up even if there was no doctor in the room.  She was ready to be born!  

Dr Stark got there a few minutes after Mya's birth!

Mya... look how sweet and cute you were!

So tiny in Daddy's arms!

 Mya was a tough baby~  we fondly called her Mya, the Cryer!  
A complicated little girl...

But all that has changed~
Mya is one happy, outgoing, perky little person now!
The last 12 months have flown by...

Mya is such a good friend to her brother~
She is a bit of a bossy girl~ always telling him what
they should play!
She isn't afraid of much~

She is seriously one of my most precious GEMS~
Meme loves you so much MYNA BRYNNIE

Happy 4th Birthday!