Monday, March 24, 2014

Where have I been... what have I missed?

Beckie and Tim have been enjoying skiing with the kids this season!
Sarah choose snowboarding and Molly choose to ski!
Tim's daughter Julia, a.k.a. Sarah's "older" TWIN~ 
also choose to ski!  I am so glad they all have had such a fun 
Meanwhile, Dave and I choose to LEAVE this guy behind 
and head to Florida!
Pelican Landings private beach had sand blown in and it is 
HUGE again!
Dave finds the perfect spot for us!

Yeah, this is the life!
Gary and Kathy meet up with us on their Florida trek!  Gary was
joining Dave for the golf Invitational and Kathy was joining me on
our Pilates retreat to Costa Rica!  Bob came to be Rick's invitational guest!
Here we are...
Roxi, Rick, Dave, Diana, Kathy and Gary
It's always good to see Bob!
These two are fun together~
But the good stuff really happens when the fab four
are all together!
Good Times!
Dave and Gary did very well in their flight!  They were "in the money"!

Tomorrow's post:
Playing catch up~ 
Pura Vida
Costa Rica

My sister Frankie and I ~
it was so fun to spend a week with my sister
and my great friends!