Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Recap...

So... we found bunnies in a hole in our front yard.  So tiny and sweet.  Molly, Sarah and I are keeping our eye on them to make sure they are ok... reminding Papa not to mow there, reminding everyone else not to step on them either!  

The weekend flew by... computer problems to solve, girls to watch while Mommy went to see Mary Poppins, boy to be watched while Mommy and Daddy went golfing, and a cookout together to end it all.  Oh, did I forget to mention a BACHELORETTE PARTY thrown in there?  Katie is getting married on Sept. 5 so her sister, Erin, hosted a party for her.  We all went to a karaoke bar in Lakewood called Corky's and the girls sang their little hearts out!!  Meigan, mother of the bride took the lead in "Is it in his kiss?", better known as the SHOOP~ SHOOP song, while her friend Mary Annis and I took back ground.  I must say ... we were not that bad!!!  The real highlights, and there were two, were when Celeste sang "Like A Virgin" ~ I will never forget it! and when Katie finished singing a song and just yelled out... I'm getting married!    ~    I 'm really getting married... like she was just realizing it then and there.  It was priceless!!