Monday, September 22, 2008


Some days I just miss that boy of mine. This picture was taken the morning he left for Grand Junction. I cannot believe it has been nearly 9 months since then. Tegan is loving being out west. He loves the four-wheeling, biking, hiking, and snowboarding. I worried constantly the first few months. I felt so much better after driving the uhaul out to Colorado and seeing for myself where he lived and worked, even though it seemed so final, taking all his "stuff" to him! Tegan was settled and happy. Now I am enjoying least hearing...all the changes my son is going through. I know, he knows, we are here for him no matter what and we are just a phone call away if he needs us. Tegan has always been one to march to his own drum beat and he has sure found a good rhythm in Colorado! I can't wait to visit again and meet his girlfriend Kelley. Kelley seems like a really good match for Tegan and they have been having a great time being together!! Cheers to Tegan!!