Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"I just really, really, miss my..."

My Cayden...
He has a hard time Face Timing with me.
He can barely look at the screen because it makes
him so sad because he just really misses me so so much, he says!
I could not wait another day to see Cayden's sweet face and his little sisters too!
I met Bri half way to get these two for the weekend!
They are so fun to have around!
He really loves his sister!

And she loves him!

Mya was so helpful all weekend~

They had fun RUNNING around and around the driveway~
for exercise you know!

When we weren't outside playing we went to the movies to see
Mya was excited about that!

They each took a turn with my camera...

At night Cayden would say
"Meme, I really am missing my Mommy"
We laughed then about how when he is home with Mommy, 
he misses me~
When he is with me, he misses Mommy!
It's crazy!

They are both growing up so fast!  We can't call Mya... the Cryer any more,
she is so over that nonsense!  She is quite a funny little girl, who does a lot of 
talking!  Cayden is just as sweet as ever!  Great company for me while
Dave was with his buds at Guys, Guns and Golf!