Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Of A Kind!

~ Mya Brynn ~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey Gems~ Did You Know...

Facebook can be a wonderful thing! Dave doesn't think so but I really think if it is used properly, you can connect with so many people and friends! I was sent a friend request by a girl named Cindy. Umm, couldn't really place her face so I checked to see who her friends were, if it was anyone I knew. It was ... 2 of Dave's relatives, cousins! So I accepted. I looked on her page and at her photos and then it hit me! Cindy is Dave's cousin, her Mom and his Mom, Gertie, were sisters! Next thing I know she is posting all these great pictures from the past!!

This first picture is Cliff, Aunt Doris, Laura, Dave, Cindy's Mom Edith, Cindy, Brett and Beth! All first cousins! Just look at Dave... Adorable! We have that leg brace to this very day! Gems~ Doris and Edith were GG's sisters!

Dave's Grandma Florence, GG's momma, holding him with his sister Lynn on the left and his sister Judy on the right! I can really see the Lesjak resemblance between my girls and my gems with Lynn! She would be your great, great grandmom!

Lynn, Dave, Jim, holding Cliff and Brett! This is taken in the house where Dave grew up! His parents sold it in 1975! Dave and I bought it back in 1979~ 6 months before we were married! It just happened to be for sale! Oh the memories of that little bungalow in Fairview Park! Hey Sarah, Molly, Cayden and Mya~ your Moms were born while we lived in that very house!

Dave's sisters standing next to this truck in the summer of 1960! Cousins Jim and Christine with them!

Dave's big sisters, Judy and Lynn! How cute were they?
How fun to look back in time! Cayden will see Papa had some trouble with bad bones as well~ but he never let it stop him from doing anything at all! He will be a good example for you to follow in your life, Cayden!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Holly Jolly Christmas!

Tegan, Kelley and Layla opened presents in Grand Junction! We video chatted with them from our house in the afternoon~ Tegan loved his "Magic Bullet" and Kelley loved her "In Styler"~ They both knew just what the other really wanted and wishes came true! Layla Lynn got some little toys and some very cute outfits!
At out house in Ohio.... we gathered together and posed for a picture to send the Colorado Lesjaks! We missed them and they missed us! I kept reminding myself that it was just another day... Ha~ like I don't miss them everyday!

The little ones found the stockings with ease...
Meme asked for a group photo of my little Ohio gems~ Ok, really I said...

"No one opens anything till you smile for my camera"
It did not go so well...
Now all I need to do is learn from Dagmara, how to photoshop my little Layla Lynn into the photo!
Gems waiting by the tree for Papa to start passing out the gifts!
Papa sharing the very funny story of how, while looking for something else, he found all the Christmas sweaters I have bought him over the years. In this photo, he is wearing the nice one I got him this year! The gems say...COME ON PAPA!
Bridget helps sweet Mya Byrnn open the first gift!
Sarah is excited to have some more ZUZU house accessories!
Danny gives the thumbs up to a box O socks! Just check out the Yule Log on tv!!
Cayden is more interested in everybody else's gifts. He is at the stage where he is frustrated with Christmas because he really just wants to play with the first thing he opens and could care less if he gets more! We kept encouraging him to open others and he was getting so mad!!
Dagmara and Danny were very excited to get an electric griddle!
Dave also got a scarf, some tools, a calendar, book, batteries for drills... WOW!
Cyle helps Cayden get busy playing!
Dave trying to read the tag...
Beckie and Donny busy, busy, busy... so much assembly required!
Molly told me this....

"Meme, for Christmas all I want is a puppy."

Me: "You already have 2 dogs Molly"

Molly: " Not a yeal one. Just pretend that can walk"

So I found her this one... He eats a treat~
then you pat his back~ and he sits right down to poop the treat out the other end!!!
She calls him SPARKY! He walks and barks too!
Cayden liked Sarah and Molly's marble race game!
Please Mem.... go away!
He was so busy all day long!
We celebrated my great niece's birthday (12/26) ~ Here is Abigail with her Daddy Ryan! She is excited about the cake!
Dave's sister Judy looks on as the candles are lit for her first grandbabys 2nd birthday!

All smiles! Make a wish...
Notice anything different about Dave? He is wearing a different sweater. It became a game of sorts. They laid out all the past sweaters on my bed and the men, ALL OF THEM, were going in the room and changing sweaters every 15 minutes or so all night!!
They played pool and ping pong...
and Spinners... all while changing sweaters! Waiting to see how long it would take me to notice!
I will NEVER EVER buy Dave another sweater as long as I live!! It was funny to see how many he has accumulated over the years!!

Ryan, Sarah and Abigail were found jumping on beds at one point!
How could I be mad?

Sparky had the run of the house and just walked and walked all night!

Sarah thought this was the best little package...
Hope yours was Merry and Bright!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve...

It is finally here...
Christmas Eve. Santa's big night~

Merry Christmas Eve to Tegan, Kelley and this little bug...
Layla Lynn... dreaming about Santa!

I wish they were here, but I know it's also pretty special to be sharing their first Christmas as a family in their own house! I just have to say....

Easter cannot get here fast enough!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Excitement is Growing!

We are really starting to get EXCITED around here at Meme's house! Molly Carolyn had her "Really Big Show" at school. I was asked to put together a Christmas program for Molly's preschool. The children practiced and practiced for the show! We sang 8 Little Reindeer, Let's All Do A Little Clapping and some Music In Motion songs! You better believe we sang STINKY CAKE! The parents loved it!! Here is Molly posing before we left for school that day!

Cayden and his sister Mya are also getting into the Holiday Spirit! Cayden watched The Polar Express with his Papa last night and again this morning with his Momma! Bridget gave him a little bell with red string and he put it right to his ear and said
Look out Danny, Cayden may just love this movie as much as you... he even tried to "catch" the ticket!!
Cayden .... I could not love this little boy more ~

The stockings are hung... but wait, something is different! This year I found these great HUGE stockings ~ Oh my~
My whole family fit on two of them. Since I have no mantel to hang them all, this seemed like a great idea~ We will see how everyone takes the fact that they may get less in their stockings than before!
Sarah is ready for the fun to begin! She is on vacation from Kindergarten and is selling her Girl Scout cookies like a mad woman! She would like to sell 500 boxes~ WHAT? Dream Big Little Girl!
Bridget is sharing the magic of Christmas with Mya Brynn... look at the wide eyes of this babe!

Only 2 days left till Christmas!

Tegan, Kelley, and Layla celebrated at Kelley's Moms house last night! They will spend some of Christmas Day at Kelley's Aunt Helen's~ I am happy to know they have each other and some family there to make the Holiday bright... I will post pictures of their day as soon as I have some!!