Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Recital... another REALLY BIG SHOW!

Molly Carolyn 
with her violin teacher Ms. Molly.
Enjoy this short bit of her solo~

Molly was invited to play Jingle Bells with the "big kids"!  She was the only little Twinkle asked to do so!   They played it slow just for her, then she just played on open A ~ FAST~ with them.
Once that song was over she was to sit back down while the older children played 5 more Christmas songs.  Well, Molly decided to just keep playing right along with them!  Just look at her...

We just could not help but smile at her.  She continued to play ALL the carols with the big kids!!

Molly found her chair as soon as she got to the hall.

She was 2nd on the list to perform!

Molly is 4.
Hollis, sitting on her right is 3.
The little "Twinkles"

After her solo, she took a moment to smile at Meme!

When the show was over she ran right to Sarah for a BIG HUG!
Sarah was so proud of her little sister!
Ms Molly told us that it was GREAT that Molly just continued to play along with the older kids!
She was so proud of Molly too!
Just look at her beaming at her student!
It was amazing to see these talented children.  One boy, who is a senior at Oberlin high school, has been a student of Ms Mollys since he was 5 years old.  All the students have such a passion for the violin because of this amazing teacher.  Ms Molly is so encouraging to all these kids!  They love her!  We thanked her for her dedication to Molly with some pretty flowers!

Two shows in one week!  WOW~ my little gems sure are gifted and talented!
Great job Molly~ 
You melt my heart...
you and that tiny violin of yours!