Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Surprise!

Dave surprised me on Thursday night with 2 boarding passes~ We were flying to Grand Junction
together at 5:50 AM the next morning...

                                                           Miss Laylabugs Birthday!!                                                                           
She was so excited to see us!
Bo was pretty excited to reconnect with Dave!
I had sent money for Kelley to purchase a kitchen for Layla~
We pulled all her presents out~
and she began to open them!
WOW!  A kitchen!
She just loves this~ just look at her with the pot holder on!
Turn the stove on...
Look in the fridge...
Better check on dinner for Pop~ay!
It's ready!
"Here you go, Pop~ay!  Pizza!"

I filmed her being busy in the kitchen!

She thanked Meme and Pop~ay
really big!

She opened all her gifts from her Mommy and Papa/Daddy!
A car for her dollhouse!
A Princess pillow!
She kept yelling
she calls Belle just Beast!!
She really loves the little playhouse!
Time to celebrate on her real birthday!
Just a little cupcake and us!

Make a wish and blow it out!


We had her Birthday party with the rest of the family today~
I will blog about it tomorrow! 

I am so thrilled to be here with my littlest gem!
Thanks Dave~ you know I love you so much!
Best gift ever!
Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary today!
October 13

Happy Anniversary to Bridget and Cyle, who celebrate
their 5th Wedding Anniversary today as well!
I told them to catch us if they can!