Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rough Waters

Mya Brynn thinking... Um, who's that new girl Meme's always kissing?

Layla Lynn thinking.... Um, does this lady ever stop?
Meme can't get enough kisses and snuggles!
Layla likes swimming in the pool!
She especially enjoys the water fall!
Aunt BB's sun glasses give Layla some BUG eyes~
Notice Kelley, fitting right in with the family at the pool,
especially in this picture...
The water started getting rough for Cayden in his boat!
Waves tossed him this way and that way...
He decided he was safer out of the boat and in the water!
Sarah, the whale trainer really had a workout with "Pretty" the killer whale! Uncle Tegan and Papa really took her for a ride!
Wow! She held on all the way! Way to go Sarah! We miss you, Molly, Uncle Danny and Mommy everyday here in Florida!

Don't forget... "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." ~ Theater date is coming Sarah Rose!