Friday, September 18, 2009

Did You Know...

Sarah, Molly, and Cayden,

The first house that Papa and Meme bought was the very house Papa grew up in, yes its true, the very same house.  Great grandpa John, Papa's Dad, sold it in 1974 to a family and then we bought it from them in 1979, 6 months before our wedding day.  Meme lived there by myself until we got married in October.  It was the cutest little bungalow in  Fairview Park.  I worried about buying it, since they had lived there, because I worried that I would forever hear about how "when we lived here this and that"!!  When the neighbor called GG to tell her that it was for sale, she of course, told us.  Dave wanted me to see it so we went and I just loved it.  GG always made me feel it was just our FIRST house!! I love the big tree and fence in front as well as the little porch.  3970 was really a cute little house, perfect for our first home.  Your Mommy's were both born while we lived here, and so was Uncle Dan!  We moved when Danny was 6 months old.  We made so many good friends, friends who we love to this day, especially the Bacha's!  Beckie and Katie Bacha were babies together and Kathy, Katie's mom, and I just had the best time spending our days together.  They lived 2 houses away!  The guys were good friends too, so it was just one fun time after another on West 226th street!
Here is a picture of 3970 W. 226th Street, as it looked back in our time... My precious girls, Beckie on the fence, and Bridget standing next to fence is almost like looking at Sarah and Molly today!!  You can click on the photo to make it larger, then click back arrow to return to blog!

So, now you know!