Friday, March 9, 2012

Grandmothers Play Date!

I had Molly for the day.
Carol had Reese for the day.
Meigan had Danny, Emily, and Andrew for the day.

Carol and I went over to Meigs for a play date!

The day was filled with 
A boy who dressed himself and said

"Not changing cuz I look handsomest in this!"
and he did look good!

A girl who said,

"The hearts match!"
and they did match!

So happy to be together!
Emily loved playing with Molly!

A girl who thinks her Meme takes way too many pictures!

"Go play with your big friends Mem!"

Look at Miss Reese... 
she only had eyes for Danny!

"See Mom, I do look handsome!"

Not sure what the game was here... but it looked 
like Molly was busy scheduling the next play date!

Molly showed Emily how to play a game on my Iphone!

Make up and hair...
But with Emily's fashion sense starting early,
she didn't need much help figuring it out!

Look at that face...
"My turn", she said!

She played the game and kept herself busy...

I have fifteen pictures of Meig's living room,
3 videos of Emily's pretty face!

Where's Andrew, you might ask?
That boy just ran around so fast that my pictures of him are a blur!

It's fun to have play dates!