Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cannon Ball Run!

Get Ready... Start running!

Mommy and Sarah first!
Molly is next... 1 2 3 JUMP!

" Swimming is so much fun", says Sarah Rose!

I swore I NEVER would do it again...

We picked Sarah up at school at 3:15 on Friday and we were off!
Winter jackets and all... heading for sunny Florida! The girls were excited to "Hit the yoad", as Molly says! The ride wasn't bad at all. The girls settled in and did art work, watched movies, snacked out, more art work, and read some books.

Around 9 pm, this is what we saw in the back seat..
Beckie started driving. I napped too! The plan was to drive till 1 am then stop at hotel till 7 am and hit the road again. I started driving again at 12:30 and just kept going. I was WIDE AWAKE~ I woke Beckie at 4 am and said "We are going all the way baby!" She took the wheel again and we just switched every 4 hours the rest of the way! Something I swore I would NEVER do again.
The sun came up and we were so happy to tell the girls we were almost to Florida!!
Once on 1-75, Sarah and Molly started watching the mile markers... looking for exit 123!
Boy, were we excited to see that sign! 22 hours later.
They could hardly wait to get to the house and jump in the pool!

Will we make it? Stay tuned!