Sunday, December 6, 2009

Adios... Lemuho

Wow... time has really gone by fast this last week. We had about 5 days of beautiful sunny weather then some cloudy days, then a whole day of RAIN! We made the best of a rainy day and went to the movies. Everybody's Fine is a sad, sad movie. Save it for video! I am looking forward to getting home to see my gems! I have missed their little faces! The pool here is not the same without them splashing away in it!

Kelley and Tegan will be home the 24th and I have so much to do for Kelley bridal shower!! So exciting! A year ago Tegan proposed to Kelley here at home! Read about it here!

Kelley has the countdown going to the wedding date in June! This is their only time home before the wedding so the shower will be early. My friends are so great and are eager to meet Kelley and "shower" her with their love! Tegan... we will be asking you some questions so we can ask Kelley the same ones and see how close your answers will be... talk amongst yourselves now!!!