Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meme's Gems First Concert!

Bridget and I took Sarah, Molly and Cayden to their first concert at Quaker Steak in Sheffield yesterday.  The local band Lawless started the outdoor concert.  Cayden could not sit still...he jumped and bounced, he loved hearing the music!  The girls danced and danced around!  Sarah asked if she could wear her "pretty dress" and Molly wanted to wear a "tutu"!!  Sometimes, you just have to say YES!!!

We went because we knew the second performer was JESSICA ANDREWS,  who sings a favorite song of ours... WHO I AM!  Sarah was excited to see Jessica come on the stage.  She joined right in and belted out some of her favorite lyrics from Jessica's cd!

So much fun!  We can't wait for the next big show!