Sunday, September 25, 2011

Model in the making?

Who doesn't think their child or grandchild is cute enough to be a model?
I think Molly really could be one!! No, I am not kidding~
I love to take pictures... everybody knows that. Do I know what I am doing with the camera, no not really, but I enjoy aiming and shooting.
I take the camera everywhere. My gems know I will be taking their picture. Some try and smile, some look away, and some even put their hand up~ saying "talk to the hand"!!
But not my Molly Carolyn.
She "poses" every time. Every single time.
She tilts her head. She looks at me with just her eyes.
She even poses at Old Navy!
We went to Crocker Park one afternoon to take pictures.
People stopped to watch. "What magazine is this for?", they asked.
She is so funny~
She says, "Mem, I need to model to make money to go to Disney World. Isn't that a good idea?"
Her Mom is sending some pics around~
Will she make it to Disney World?
Oh YES, she will!
Because if modeling fails.... Papa is gonna take her!!