Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kelley's Shower... And MYA Makes Her Big Debut!

Bridget Diana surprised me with a phone call this morning. She was at Fairview Hospital, working in the Peds ER when her water broke!! Two weeks early! Perfect... all she had to do was go upstairs to the 3 floor and deliver!!

And so she did...

Her very special focal point...

Her nurse Linda, who after 19 years as an OB nurse, delivered her very first baby WITHOUT a doctor present in the room!
Yeah, you heard that right! Bridget went from 8 to 10 so very fast that Dr Stark did not make it to the hospital in time. The house doctor was paged and he didn't make it in time either. I just kept reassuring Bridget that Linda knew how to deliver a baby without the doctor... and she did a fine job! Linda told us afterwards that Mya was her very first!!

Daddy sure loves his new little girl!

I was just so proud of Bridget... It was scary for a minute there when she realized the doctor wasn't coming but she really calmed right down and just had herself a beautiful baby girl!


Meme says... " Hello Miss Mya Mouse... it's Meme. That's right... you remember me!
Miss Mya Bryn Wilkinson August 17th, 2010 4:57 p.m. 6 ozs 18 1/2 inches

I then rushed home to my house where a shower for Kelley was taking place. A Virtual Shower, since Kelley and Tegan are in Colorado. I was anxious to get there in time to Skype with Kelley but first things first...

I had to show one little boy his new baby sister...
Cayden said, "Baby, Momma... are you??" Where are you, he asked. Oh gosh, I just love this boy. He will meet his sister in the morning!!

Kelley's shower was so much fun! So nice to get together with all my girlfriends! Here are a few pictures... more to come!

Roxi... the hostess! She and Beckie just held everything together here while I was at the hospital! We are shipping Tegan's truck and our plan is to fill it with the presents from the shower!
Some of the pretty packages!
I will post the rest tomorrow... Thanks everybody!!