Thursday, April 12, 2012

Colorado Sunshine~

We have some Colorado sunshine here
in Florida!
Layla Lynn is so fun to be around!
We all love the way she repeats things you say...
the way she calls for "T E G A N" is precious!
She has the sweetest little laugh
that's contagious!
She is loving swimming in the pool with 
her cousins~ splashing away!
She is a pure delight!
Molly wishes she had a baby at her house too!
Sarah just loves to listen to her jibber away!
Cayden loves to read to her
because she listen so intently!
Mya loves to play in the sand 
with her friend Layla~
It's like having twins around here!
She makes us all smile...
and laugh!
I might just pack her in my suitcase
and carry her all the way home!
Could you blame me?