Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh no- my Mac took a turn for the worse...

Stay tuned-new computer is on it's way!  Come back the first week in May!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Back in time-

 I was working on the Lesjak family slides-
Looking thru, taking them out  of carriages to put them into boxes, to have made into DVD's!  I snapped a few pics with my phone...  I will repost these pictures ones I have them on DVD- they aren't the clearest as I was taking them while they were projected on a wall!  
Here's Dave and his little brother Mike.  I think Dave is about 5 as I remember hearing the stories of spending his kindergarten year in casts for 
his Fibrous Dysplasia.
How precious he was...
We showed Cayden Papa's "Forest Gump" brace when he was here last weekend.  Cayden was surprised to know Papa had to wear braces too.
I remember Gertie telling me Dave was crying in this photo leaning against the car!  Poor baby -
Dave and I purchased the home he grew up in 5 yrs after his parents sold it-  we got it 6 months before we were married.  Three of my four children were born when we lived there!  The basement had a bar which Dave's dad built back in the day!   This picture really explains how Dave got his start at having a goid time!!  Here he is serving his sister from behind the bar!!
I can't wait to get the DVDs and give them to his family!  They will love having a copy of all their pictures on DVDs - what memories!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On the road!

Once Dave and I got home from Florida and  Costa Rica
we wanted to see the grandkids!
I asked to have Sarah and Molly over night on Friday 
and then the 3 of us drove 1 1/2 hours to meet Bri halfway and
get Cayden and Mya for the weekend!

Sarah and Molly were so excited to see Aunt Doody!
Hugs all around!

Sarah spies Cayden in the car!

Mya finds Molly... her MO!

A little snack for the 1 1/2 hours home...

That and a cd with great songs to sing 
all the way home!
Let it go... from Frozen!
 You will hear Mya say... I can't sing this!

Molly works on her modeling skills!

Sarah shows Cayden how to do a finger shadow puppet show!

Aunt BB got in the action too!

Awe... my Rosie girls!
Every time I look at these two, I see Gertie!

Cayden loves to color, don't you know!

Mya loves to do nails!

We play with the camera and take some selfies!

It got very silly!

Cayden and Mya~
my cuties!

This girl...
What a change in her!  Our Mya the Crya is really quite content
these days.  She is a talker... she likes to tell Cayden what to be, say, act like,
etc.!  She adores her big brother!  When Sarah asked her if they could trade
siblings for a week, she would get Molly and Sarah would take Cayden
Mys said... "No, you can't take my Cayden!"
Love her heart!

This kid is something else!
So sweet... beyond words.
We went to Chuckie Cheese and he played a bit then got very 
sulky and down.  When we got in the car he burst into tears
and revealed just way he was so bummed out.
He said "I just wanted to go down that slide so bad Meme"
Big tears~ 
We felt so bad for him!

They had a fun time at Meme and Papa's house!
Papa had a fun weekend too!

Big news...
Beckie was approved to take the time at Easter!
So there will be 10 of us this year at Lemuho~
But thats nothing to the fun we will have when
the Colorado gang comes home in June!

There will be pictures!