Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Loving our PAPA!

Sarah and Molly got to celebrate Papa's birthday with him!
They were singing...
and wishing good things right along with Papa!
On Fathers Day they showered him with love...
and the BEST PAPA EVER award!
Papa got busy helping Beckie trim some trees!
Meme was a nervous nelly the ENTIRE time!
Just look at me at the ladder...
head in my hands... I just can't look!
Seriously... let's stop!
Cleaning out the gutters first~
Then trimming trees branches!
Look out below!
Kathy B... does this look familiar to you?  Remember the rope from
the W. 226th street tree we took down together?
Beckie and I are doing our best!
Well maybe not... We are just posing!   Dave took this picture before he went back up to cut
the branch we were going to pull away from the house!

Good news... we cleared the house!  We all worked so hard that day~
what a great work out!

Taking a five minute break at one point!
I'll take Pilates over manual labor any day!
Bek thought we were so funny sitting on her porch!
Dave also gave Beckie's riding mower a tune up!
She is ready to tackle all the summer chores at her house now!

Now she just needs to have the house painted...
Any takers?

Thanks Dave for being such a great Dad/Papa to our kids 
and their kids!