Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Bri!

Happy Birthday Bridget~
You were the cutest baby!
Mya reminds me so much of YOU!

Phone retakes...

Infamous haircut!

I love you!

Hope you have the best day!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Winter Fun~

                                    Christmas with BOYS... and their girls... THE LAST POST!
Our gift to them all was the week in Breckenridge~
all together!
We did get them all something a little special too~
Kelley and Tegan open their gift with Layla~  
So exciting~  A RED Kitchen Aid Blender!
Layla got a Fisher Price Farm while in Breck but other gifts were
sent directly to her house to be under her tree for Christmas morning!
The boys got the usual staples... underwear and socks!!
And a fabulous ALL DAY Snowmobile trek!

Danny and Dave ready to go!
Tegan, Kelley and Layla all set too!
Tegan will have Layla with him!

She tells Pop'ay she is excited to go!


Our family minus the GIRLS~ :-(

Dave and I

We got to stop and frolic a bit!

A quick cookie break!

I love this little family!

We had hot chocolate at this stop too!

So much fun!

Ready to hit the trails again!

Isn't it just beautiful?

I worried, since I was driving my own snowmobile, if I would be able to keep up~
but I am happy to say I did a great job!

Ha.. like a bat out of hell!

I told my Kelley that these shots look like something the paparazzi 
would catch of someone famous!!
Kelley and Layla are so adorable! 

They are famous to me!
Danny on the right! 
I love that kid!

It was hard to say Goodbye to my Colorado Lesjaks, until I see them again.

They know we love them!

Next year, the GIRLS want a Colorado Christmas too!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

National SnowBoarding Day...


Layla Lynn is a 
S N O W B O A R D E R!
December 21, 2014 was National Snowboarding Day so
we all got out and tried it!

Her Papa held her and gave her some pointers~

Time to try it alone...
He taught her to turn to stop first!

Thumbs up!
Mittens up!

"I'm ready Papa"

Good work Laylabug!

So proud of you!

Pop'ay helped too!
A real Colorado Girl!

Even Meme tried it!


Try again, and again!

Decided it just wasn't for me!

Sarah and Molly got into the action back home as well!
Molly tried skiing while Sarah choose snowboarding!

Sarah working hard at learning!  She had a lesson and really worked
hard her mom said to figure it all out!

Molly wasn't worried about learning how to turn or snowplow...
She just went straight down and right back up the chairlift
to do it again, over and over!

What fun!