Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News from the North Pole!

                       Hey little GEMS!
                     News Flash!
I heard Santa has been very, very busy!

                                                          For Sarah:
Santa says he knows just what your heart desires!
He knows you love the Peace sign
and that you would love to have a "Computer"!! 
He also has some big ideas of his own for you!

For Molly:
Santa says "Oh boy, Molly, Dolly"
A "Suitcase" is a grand gift!
You will be able to travel to Aunt Doodie's 
and to Meme and Papa's house in style!
He also has some big ideas of his own for you too!

For Cayden:
Santa thinks your idea of a "Tool Factory" is a great one!
What fun for you!
He knows you are a good boy.
He is proud of you.

For Mya:
Santa just thinks you are the cutest little thing! 
He is making you lots of surprises 
and he is sure you will be a busy girl
playing all day on Christmas!

For Layla:
Santa says..."Ho Ho Ho, Oh my, those blue eyes!"
He is busy getting things ready to make you something really special!
He loves you very much
and knows you will be busy playing all day 
Christmas as well!

Oh my, Santa better get busy.  But just guess where Mem saw him last?
Check out my blogging friend Kat's blog!

Get back to work Santa~