Monday, June 7, 2010


We woke early to hit the road again today. Cayden took a ride on the luggage cart this morning with Daddy!
It was crazy fun!
The car does something to this boy... that or the movie Monsters, Inc., not sure which!
Finally... Montreal is in our sights!
We found the hotel quite easily and checked in at about 11:30 am today.
It is a suite with a kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and bath.
A little apartment, really.
We hit the road to walk to Shriners Hospital and just check it out. We thought ... we can walk, after all it's only about a mile and a half. We needed some exercise after being in the car so long.
Cayden liked this adventure!
We saw some really beautiful homes along the way.
Trees on rooftops are very big around here!
I loved all the special touches to the architecture everywhere you looked!
It was a LONG WALK... AN UP HILL ALL THE WAY KIND OF A WALK!! Shriners sits up on a hill. You must take stairs or walk up the steep driveway. Look at this painting of the hospital. It really does not look like a hospital at all.
This is it's sign down on the road.
Bridget, at 7 months pregnant, in flip flops, with Cyle, pushing Cayden in the stoller up the steep driveway. Phew... It was really a hard mile and a half. Good thing they are sending a van to pick us up at 7 am tomorrow!!
Strolling the halls...
Checking out the rehab rooms and the in-patient floor. All signs are child-like and child friendly, as was the staff we met along the way!
We loved all the art work painted on the walls... Cayden liked all the animals!!
We made it back to our block and had lunch. Now, Cayden, Daddy and Mommy are napping and I am blogging away!! Don't you feel like you are right here with us? Have a good night everyone... I will talk to you tomorrow!