Saturday, December 14, 2013

Here, and There... Where have I been?

Santa just lays around in Naples Florida...
waiting for his big night!

Molly had a Christmas Show at her school!
All the first graders sang their hearts out!

I left my big lens in Florida... couldn't get a good shot from where we sat 
but there she is!

Cayden, Mya and Bri came for the weekend to visit since
I am heading out to Colorado soon!
Mya and her Doe eyes!

Cayden is as sweet as EVER!

At Beckie's, Molly was busy practicing her violin for her
Big Winter Recital!

She worked really hard at learning her recital piece, as well
as Burn Little Candles~ which she was chosen to play
to start the Christmas Carol segment of the recital!

Papa will see the recital... I will not since I will be with my
Layla Lynn and her Mommy and Pop!
Molly let me listen in to lots of practice tho... 
she doesn't like me to video...

Oh well... 
I am very sneaky, you know!


I took these little "elves" shopping for some special people in
their little lives...
Phone photo!
They enjoyed wrapping and will be putting their gifts
right under the tree!

Sarah has started playing Words With Friends with me
on her Kindle~
Here is a conversation we recently had~ she cracks me up!

why thank you

I love that!