Thursday, March 31, 2016

Picture holding a place in time...

The Churches and the Waltons!

Here they were in 2014
My, how they have grown!
Things sure changed in a few years! 
They are a blended family now!

Bri and her babes in 2014!

Here they are today
Cayden is 7!
Mya is 5!

Beckie and her girls~ 2014

And Today!
Sarah is 10!
Molly is 8!

Tim and his kids~ 2014!

And Today!
Mason is 16!!
Julia 13!

We had a fun time at Pasta Night, meeting old friends and taking lots of pictures!

This girl and her children were sure missing their Daddy Cyle!
One year we will get him to Florida again!
He is a hard working Dad!

One of Bri's best friends lives in Florida and she joins us every year at Easter for 
our Pasta Night!  This is Bridget and Bri... old college buddies!

Here's my girls!
Bri and Beckie

I'm so very proud of both of these girls...
They are both such great moms...
They are both so different and so alike in many ways~

They have done a lot of laughing together this week!

Tim, Beckie, Bri and Dave talked me into doing 
The Tough Mudder on May 7th... my birthday.

They may be trying to kill me!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt!

The Pelican's Nest always has a nice Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter Sunday!
The Easter Bunny always makes an appearance!
Mya and the Bunny

Cousins!  Cayden and Sarah

Meme, Mya and Molly


Mason and Papa

Beckie and Tim

Ice Cream!

So pretty!

Just like Mommy!

Cayden and Mya were excited they were in the same age group for the games!

Off on the Hunt!

Papa and Bri chat on the sidelines!

Bigger kids waiting to play their games!

Bri, Mya and Cayden

The Churches

Molly setting up for the egg race!

Cayden and Mya ready to go too!

Who will win?

Back home and the kids... I mean big kids take some time in the pool!

Meanwhile, the younger kids relax and chill with some gaming.
Taking a break from the sun~ These 3 burn really easily!

Molly... who tans like a champ has some fun with Papa!

Days are flying by...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

St Patty's

We had a wonderful 5 days together...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Memory Makers

Game nights...  Mary Annis and I used telepathic skills!

Laura and I enjoying a few last rays!

We laughed so hard over so many topics- it ended up being an ab workout every night!
 Thanks for making some sweet memories girlfriends! ❤️

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Madness

March is here... The madness begins with my girls coming!  Meigan, Mary Annis and Laura. 

We are enjoying just being together- hanging by the pool...

What's better than girlfriends getting together?
Dinners out, Games played, and lots of good drinks!  We have discussed many topics, including some politics!  Yikes!

We've opened many bottles of wine, which caused us to download a Kareoke app...  Big Mistake!  There may have been some posting to Facebook!

We are going to try and behave tonight with a trip to dinner and a movie!
Wish us luck!