Sunday, April 7, 2013

Florida Fun...

This years Easter trip was a spur of the moment kind of trip!
It was just Beckie and Bri and their kids this year. 
Tegan, Kelley, Layla and Danny are coming home this 
summer for 2 weeks so they missed the Florida trip this year.

The trip included:

Time for cousins to bond and play together.

Time for sisters to bond and play together!

Time for Cayden to ride a bike and say
"I am a really big boy now!"

Time for a Mommy and a son to hang out together!

Lots of time for frolicking in the pool!

Time to color easter eggs together!

Time to ride bikes in beautiful Easter bonnets!

Time for lots of picture taking by Meme!

Time for smiles!

Time for walks to the "gator bridge"!

Time to share Easter baskets together!
(It's funny how the Easter Bunny brings  the same things
every year!  Mya enjoyed borrowing Layla's Easter Bunny!!)
It made her very happy!
Happy Easter 

Love those punching balloons!

My Easter Bunnies!

Time for the easter egg hunt!

More time for playing outside together!

We had 8 days of fun...
stay tuned!