Thursday, November 29, 2012

You really ought to be in PICTURES!

Today we planned on visiting Hollywood Studios here at
Disney World!
Molly enjoys breakfast at Meme's cabin!
We drive the golf cart to the outpost to catch the bus to Hollywood~
While we wait we check out the horses at the stables, looking for
Cooper, the horse Molly befriended a few days ago!  Maggie, one of the
guides told us Cooper was not out for the rides today but asked if we 
had been on a ride with him before?  We told her no, that we had just petted him at the fence.
 I told her about Sarah's disappointment about needing to be 9 to go on a trail ride, 
while also finding out she was too tall to ride a pony.
Well,  Maggie said she would see what she could do about that!
This was Sarah when Maggie told her she would set up a ride for her~
right on the spot!  She had Beckie and Sarah sign a waiver and then
got a sweet horse named Sebastian for Sarah to ride!  Molly will ride a 
pony tomorrow!
Dreams DO come TRUE at DISNEY!
Maggie headed out on a trail ride and Melissa came along with 
Sebastian!   Sarah was so excited!  Molly was happy to meet and greet this fellow too!
While we waited, a huge clydesdale horse named Jacob,
was wandering free in the ring and came right over to Molly and
stuck his head down low for her hand to reach him!
Both girls were not afraid to pet and talk to the horses!
Look at Sebastian...
closing his eyes and loving all this attention!
Sarah hopped on and off they went!

Sarah gave him lots of love while riding him too!

So happy!
Sarah came in and Molly ran right up to Sebastian again too!
Thanks to Maggie at Disney for setting us up with Melissa~
all at no cost either... just plain old goodness of heart!
I think she might of seen something in the eyes of these
We were so happy that Papa felt a little better
today and decided to join us for the day!
Molly called him for her partner!
Beckie and Sarah...
so alike in so many ways!
Christmas is everywhere here at Disney!

Pin trading starts right away!
We stop for the Disney Rocks show!
The girls are asked to join in the fun and dance with
the cast but only Molly decides to get out there!

She dances...
She jumps!

It was so fun to watch her!
Check it out~
It was a fun show~
Sarah and Molly both picked out their favorite dancers!
This girl was definitely Molly's favorite!
We head to Indiana Jones show next!
Big booms and special effects happened here!
We spot Dinosaur GERTIE'S
and we are reminded of someone dear!
So we have a treat just like we know she would have!
Gertie loved her desserts before lunch too!!
We see some Hollywood Hopefuls performing and a man
in a fancy suit stops to ask if  I "manage" these girls (Sarah & Molly)?
I say "of course I do"
and he says...
and he gives me his card!
Does he think he was telling me something I didn't know?
We head on down the street right into San Francisco!

Always smiling... that Molly Dolly!
Off to the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids set!
We all lost the girls for a good bit in this fun giant playground,
which Sarah says she knew "right away" that she hadn't been
shrunk~ it was the playground that was HUGE!
She is gifted... I tell you!!  Bless her heart!

They did not want to leave!
Time for a quick drink...
adults included!
We then take the Studio BackLot Tour!

More explosions and booms!

We head to the Character Building and 
find Monsters Inc pals
Mike and Sulley!
Sulley and Molly share a big hug!
Mike is excited to meet Molly too!
Here's the shot we got~
No scares here!
In Walt Disney... One Man's Dream,
both girls are fascinated at the early work of Walt.
They see his photo and both want a picture with him 
and his little mouse partner!
Sarah looks so serious... just like Walt does!
Molly choose to pose more like the mouse!
Molly finds a good one!
We get in line for Voyage of the Little Mermaid~
Molly decides she wants a picture of her Mommy and Daddy!
Sarah tries to hid but...
Molly got her!
Want to know what Molly loves most about Disney World?
The tiny sink in the bathrooms!
Time to meet Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope from the 

Both girls and Beckie loved this movie when 
they saw it!
Look how cute...
Time for Toy Story Mania!
The line is long but the wait is so fun...

So much to see!
Molly dances and snaps her fingers every chance she gets...
I caught her in action!
Sarah spots something special about these two
lower floor puzzle pieces~ do you see what it is?
We are all six in one vehicle on the ride, three to a side.
Dave and I had Molly and we had her just fire both guns 
while we took aim!
Don and Sarah were against Beckie in the other seat!
Molly and Meme had high score~ 103,000 points! Wahoo!

Cayden... look who was here!  Lightening McQueen and Mater!
You can get your picture with them when you come to Disney World
Next we find Phineas and Ferb!
A must see duo!

They sign away!
All the Waltons love these guys!

Crazy stuff all around!
Impromptu dance party...

The Osborne Family from Arkansas started with a single family home 
display of lights but then Mr. Osborne started to decorate neighbors homes too!
Their display grew and grew until 1995, when the Osborne family
decided to share the magic with the world and offered it to Disney World!
FIrst it started to snow at Disney World...
then the lights lit!
See the wheel and trees...
all from Osbornes home display!

It was magical!

Sarah made some good trades today!
She got the BOY, PIG and the DOG
to add to her pin collection!

My, how fast our time at Disney World has gone!
We head home tomorrow~
with happy hearts and memories to last
a lifetime!
Thanks Papa~