Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had our annual, don't expect an invite, just come over, party on New Years Eve. It's the kind of party kids, and grandchildren attend. Everyone is welcome! My little gems stay up and celebrate with everyone! There is dancing, game playing, eating, drinking, singing, eating, drinking, did I mention we eat?? Lots of yummy food and fun little cocktails to share. We played a new game this year that Kelley taught us called "Holler for your Dollar"! It was a blast. It is alot like left, right, center but with more options. Everyone starts with 3 dollar bills. As you play, you only roll as many dice as you have dollars. Roll a 1 - 2- or 3, you keep your dollar. Roll a 4 and your dollar goes in the "pot". Roll a 5 and you give your dollar to the person on your right. Roll a 6 and give your dollar to the person on your left. This continues until one person has one dollar left. If they roll a 1 -2-or 3, they WIN! If they roll a 4, the pot gets split back to everyone to start again. If they roll a 5, the person on their right WINS. A 6, the player on the left WINS! There was a lot of hollering going on around our pool table in the game room!

The highlight of the night was the rock band that was featured in the basement! Tegan was the drummer, Dagmara the guitarist, and Beckie and Bridget the singers of the band.

So much fun... even I got in on the action!
And I was not alone. Everyone tried their hand at something... well almost everyone! The lines of the night... Shut the hell up and Bitches! Why? Bridget made me a video gift from Santa. Santa told me I was very naughty this year. He said I needed to stop gossiping so much and to SHUT UP every now and then!!! HA! I never laughed so hard at something! So "shut the hell up" was big this year! I might try and follow this advise so Santa is better to me next year!