Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Weekend!!

Wow, what a great weekend!! First on Friday, Bridget, Cayden, Sarah, Molly and I went to Beckie's classroom for a visit!! It was so fun to see Mrs Walton in action with her little class of third graders! They were equally as excited to see Mrs. Walton's mom, sister, nephew and her little girls!! We played some games and just had a really nice time in room 108!!

We stayed for lunch and had a picnic in Beckie's class while her students were at lunch!! So Fun!

On Saturday, September 27, 2008 Sarah Wang married Peter Lazard. The ceremony and reception took place in Deb and Jim's beautiful backyard. What a fairytale wedding it was!! The sun started to peek out from the clouds abut 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Sarah and Pete planned a very special service. Jim and Debbie should be so proud of the day they gave to this sweet couple.

The bride wore a vintage dress and her mothers veil. I did ask the bride if she thought about the woman who wore the dress before, if she somehow felt her presence. Sarah said she didn't but was going to take some time to think and wonder on that exact thought. How did she feel? Was she as happy as this little bride on this day in 2008? Did her father beam like Jim did as he proudly walked his baby daughter over the rose petal covered grass towards her future husband? Were there as many family members and friends to witness that bride's joy on her wedding day? I hope that bride of the past did feel as beautiful and loved as Sarah did on her special day.

And to that brides BEAUTIFUL MOTHER, I say this...what a lucky girl Sarah is to have such a loving and caring mom. Debbie has the gift to turn the simplest things into things of beauty. From the table settings to the flowers, from the smile of a welcome to the hug of a goodbye, this woman does it all while showing everyone how much she loves them! Debbie Wang gives so much of herself to others and she does it willingly, lovingly and completely. I love her. I know I am thankful for her and I hope others realize the gift she is to all of us. Thanks Debbie, Thanks Jim, Thanks Sarah and Peter...It was a fabulous day!